Family and Real Estate: Why you got in the game

by | Jan 22, 2015 | Real Estate Moms

Why did you decide to get into Real Estate in the first place? Most likely, it was to have the flexibility of parenting while maintaining a steady job. The Real Estate Market seems to be fluctuating constantly, and with the market dipping a bit, it seems like we have to jump on every lead and cancel family plans in lieu of keeping your business afloat. Remember, your business might fluctuate, but your family will always be there. They should be your top priority.
As a Real Estate Mom, you are determined and perseverant in your business goals and strategies. Sometimes motherhood goes to the backburner, so how do you prevent this? Proper business planning and time management will ensure that your family is getting just as much time as your business is.
Plan your Real Estate Business ahead of time so that the Real Estate market fluctuations don’t affect your life and income negatively. By budgeting well, and planning out the times of the year that you know might be drier than others, you won’t be floundering when dry times with few leads hits. This will make it easier for your family life to be stable since your income and savings will be stable.
Managing your time will help you make sure that you’re giving your family just as much time as your Real Estate Business. Trust me, I know how difficult it can be to get caught up in business and forget about the time and care that my family needs. Make sure that the time you spend on your Real Estate Business is filled with effective and constructive activities to build your business. Then, have your family help by holding you accountable for your time management. They can help by staying on top of you to stop working and have family time, or by reminding you about certain school or family events.
Don’t forget that the main reason you got into Real Estate in the first place is so that you would have a business that is flexible with your family and your children. Your family can’t be expected to be flexible with your business. They will always be there for you, but don’t take advantage of that by forgetting that your dedication to them just as important as your dedication to your business.
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