Expired Real Estate Leads Scripts

by | Jul 10, 2015 | Grow to Greatness, Real Estate Moms

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With so many agents working on getting expired listings, my clients have been asking me to help them work on scripts during our coaching sessions for advice on how to deal with objections from expired real estate leads.
Remember, the expired listing is going to be bombarded with calls from other agents who are also trying to get the listing. It is very important to build rapport with the seller and to set an appointment. Once you are sitting with them, you will be better able to explain how you can help them get their home sold.
If you are using these scripts on the phone or even at their front door, always try to set an appointment to present your listing presentation when all decision makers can be present for as soon as possible. That same day would be great.
These are only some of the objections my coaching clients have received in the past few weeks. These are the responses we came up with to learn and use to handle those objections and questions. What kinds of objections and questions are you getting? Submit your question here http://www.prorealestatecoach.com/pages/contact-us.htm and we will get back to you on a specific response as well as include the best questions on a future Scripts posting.
They say: “If I can’t get $xxx,000 for my house, I can’t afford to sell.”
You say: “I understand your concerns. Have you looked at what you will net if you get that amount? Let’s take a closer look at the numbers including what it is costing you each month that you don’t sell and have to pay for expenses with the property. Could I stop by and explain those numbers to you later today?”
They say: “How come you did not sell it while it was on the market before?”
You say: “With the current market we are in, there are so many houses that are similar on the market. In order to get your house to stand out on the Multiple Listing System that agents use to search for available houses for their buyers, it is important to market it so that it stands out among the rest. Can I share with you how I market homes differently on the MLS than I do for potential buyers in, say, the newspaper? Can we meet later today?”
They say: “Can you send me some information on your experience first.”
You say: “I would be happy to get you a brochure and some information on how I can help you get your home sold. I would hate for you to miss any time on the market, however. Can I drop it off with you this evening? That way you can get your home listed again as soon as possible. What time is best for you?”
They say: “Have you ever sold a house in my neighborhood?”
You say: “Even though I have not sold a home in your specific neighborhood, my marketing philosophy is to really market the home’s strengths. I believe one of your homes strengths is being in the (insert neighborhood name) and it’s proximity to the elementary school. What do you think are your home and neighborhood’s best features? I would love to show you how I’ll fit those strengths into my marketing materials. Can we set up a time for me to come over and explain my marketing plan later this evening?”
They say: “How about if we just list it with you for a month and try it out?”
You say: “With today’s current marketing conditions, it is taking longer for some properties to sell with the competition on the market. Let me explain the marketing plan I would use on your property and explain what I would be doing in the first month as well as the next months after that. I am sure you will be impressed. “
They say: “I am frustrated that our house has not sold yet.”
You say: “I understand your frustration. With the changes we have seen in the real estate market over the past year, the average days a home is listed on the market has increased. One thing that I offer is an updated market analysis on a regular basis to make sure we have your home listed at the right price even with new homes selling and new properties being listed in competition with you. To help ease your frustrations, how often would you like to receive this information while your house is listed?”
They say: “I don’t think our agent did their job.”
You say: “I am sorry you feel that way. I know your past agent and he is a good agent. However, what would you want from your next agent that would make it a better experience?”
They say: “My last agent was not able to sell our house in 6 months, what makes you think that you can?”
You say: “I know it is frustrating that it is taking longer to sell your home than you anticipated. I have a marketing plan that has helped me sell (insert your numbers) % of my listings and my average days on market is (insert your numbers.) What do you think would help your home sell more quickly?”
They say: “My last agent did not do much to sell my house. I think I am going to try it myself.”
You say: “I can understand your frustrations. Sometimes it seems like it would be easier to sell it yourself because you don’t see what your agent is dong to promote your house to the other agents in your area. Can I explain what I do to promote your house in the MLS and to other agents?”