Effectively Farming Your Past Clients

by | Aug 12, 2014 | Real Estate Moms

Even with the increases in technology and all the new techniques available for finding new clients, repeat and referral business is still the key to every Realtor’s success. Make sure that you don’t forget about all of your past clients when you do your marketing. Plan time on your to-do list to do special farming projects designed just for them. Make sure that you contact former buyers and sellers in some way at least once per month.

Go Beyond a Quick Email

It’s important to have materials tailored to your past clients, thanking them for continuing to keep your name in mind. Try to have a personal contact at least four times a year. Either call them on the phone, or invite them to lunch or another face-to-face activity. Make sure that you keep them on your email list, and send them market updates and open house invitations. Also send out letters or postcards, such as ‘just listed’ cards or thank you letters.
Make it Personal
At least three times per year, send a personal greeting just for that client. Cards marking the anniversary of their home purchase, birthday cards, and holiday cards show that you are keeping track of your clients’ milestones. Don’t forget that there are plenty of holidays out there, though. Most agents order bulk ‘Seasons Greetings’ cards and send them to everyone on their mailing lists. Trying a little creativity will set you apart from the crowd. Try a Thanksgiving card, a 4th of July card, a Halloween card, or a funny April Fool’s Day card. Your clients will smile over your creativity, and they’ll have one more reason to remember you when friends ask them, ‘Do you know a good Realtor?’
Check out http://www.CardsForRealEstate.com and have a look around. I have set up a free account for my blog readers. The log in name is ‘nextlevel’ and the password is ‘sample’. There is enough postage for you to send two cards on this free account. After you’ve tried it, contact me and I’ll share how you can use this tool to grow your business by leaps and bounds!
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