Do you need coaching?
Athletes have coaches. Top executives have coaches.
Successful small business owners have coaches. But do YOU need coaching?
A sports coach is needed to help us correct and perfect our technique. A coach has a perspective on our performance we can’t have because we are the one performing the actions.
A fitness coach helps us identify flaws in dietary habits in order to change them.
There are so many conflicting schools of thought out there. Many do not take in account your personal circumstances, strengths and weaknesses. One size does NOT fit all.
Small business owners and real estate professionals need business coaches to support and inspire them to manage their businesses better.
The coach has a unique perspective the person being coached can’t see. The coach will take into consideration those personal circumstances, strengths and weaknesses.  
Unfortunately, this is a universal truth that not everyone likes to admit.
While many real estate agents and small business owners welcome coaching in other areas of their lives, they somehow shut themselves off from the concept  of coaching when we start talking about their business.
But why are we so resistant to business coaching?


The answer may lie in our desire to keep some areas of our life private..
It is natural for us to keep some parts of our life, especially ones that may expose our shortcomings, closed off from people, including coaches.
It is easy for us to take criticism in our fitness or favorite sport; in fact, we even wear it as a badge of honor, as it becomes a testament to our desire to improve.
But how many of us like to admit that we haven’t been great at dealing with clients or managing risks?


Another big factor in keeping us from accepting business coaching is our denial of the fact that we need help.
Often, we like to convince ourselves that other people need coaching, but not us.
We think that we know what to do and if we can just keep ourselves motivated and consistent in our efforts, that the results we are looking for will occur.
If you are not staying consistent, there is a reason why. A coach might be the person to help you figure that out.
There are many ways to build a business. It could be that the plan you have created for your business does not fit with your strengths.
You coach might help you figure that out and create a plan that works better for you to reach your goals.


Finally, there’s the idea that we can do things on our own, we are strong and don’t need any help.
While those things may be true, a coach can help you get there faster and with less frustration.
You will still be doing the work, however, you will have a trusted advisor to run things by before wasting time and/or money on something that will not produce the desired outcome you have in mind.
Are YOU ready for coaching?
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You work hard and deserve to hit the goals you have for yourself. Coaching will help! Everyone can benefit from having a coach!