Do you have an accountability partner?

by | Feb 21, 2020 | Featured, Goals, Grow to Greatness, Grow to Greatness in Real Estate, Real Estate

coaching, accountability partner, goals, successHave you ever had an accountability partner?
Your journey to success should never be travelled alone.
Many realtors and business owners try to go lone ranger running their businesses, only to end up struggling because of something they should have known but missed because of trying to juggle everything at once.
Do you feel like you’re trying your best in running things, but couldn’t figure out why your business always seems to head the wrong direction?
An accountability partner may very be the ultimate solution to turn things around for you.
No matter how skilled, learned or experienced you are, you will never be able to completely oversee things perfectly.

You need someone around you who sees your blind spots and helps you cover them.

Behind every successful real estate agent or business owner is an accountability partner that helped push them up on the ladder of success.
Someone who provides inspiration, wisdom, and the right perspective to help keep you on track to achieve your goals.
Having a vision of where you want your business to be in five years is a great thing, but getting there is another matter.
You’ll need someone who will keep you honest, driven and focused so you never stray away from the path.
Now that you understand how critical having an accountability partner is to growing your business or career, it is also important that you recognize the best one for you.

So what kind of person are you looking for in an accountability partner?


  • You need someone who is goal-oriented and driven. This is the first and foremost trait that you should look for.
  • That person should be working towards a similar goal as yours. If you’re looking to succeed in real estate, then your accountability partner should have experience in working in real estate.
  • Your partner should hold you accountable if you’re being off-track with implementing your plans for reaching your goal. He/she should be direct in giving you constructive criticism to help you improve your activities.
  • You need someone who’s experienced success for themselves. You can’t have someone teaching you about success when they’ve never even gotten there.
  • Most importantly, you need someone who you can develop a good working relationship with. If you and your partner don’t get along well, you’re in for a bumpy, and worse, a derailed ride.

Do you know someone who possesses the traits mentioned above? That would be a great start to finding your Accountability Partner. 
Have you had an accountability partner in the past, but felt you were the only one doing the mentoring?
Then maybe hiring a professional coach as an accountability person along with the added insight you will get working with a true professional.  
Whichever way you proceed, find an accountability partner to help keep you on track to hit your goals!
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