Customizable Holiday Cards For Your Real Estate Marketing

by | Nov 15, 2018 | Grow to Greatness in Real Estate, Real Estate Moms

Holiday Discount.pngDid you know that 65% of Small Businesses plan to send Holiday Cards this year?

Will you?

Customers look forward to receiving your card, probably more than you think!

73% of customers are looking forward to receiving your card this year. Will you let them down?

You may have bought a box of Holiday Cards in the past, handwritten your message, added a business card, addressed the envelopes, attached a stamp, and taken them to the post office yourself…It was time consuming, wasn’t it?

What if there was an easier way to not only complete your Holiday Card Mailing, but to stand-out in the process!

Stand-out this Holiday Season with your custom made cards from by showing your appreciation to your past clients and prospects and let your cards do the marketing for you. This will make you visible all throughout the Holiday season by sending cards and having it on display until the New Year.

You’ll be surprised how many more leads and referrals you generate in the coming year from taking the time to send a greeting card!

Advertising requires lots of money but investing in your clients with greeting cards is a better alternative to get those sought after referrals.

Let me help you get set up with an easy service that prints your cards on demand, with your handwriting font, stuffs and prints the envelopes, adds the postage, and takes them to the post office for you this year. You will continue to benefit from this service year after year!

So, YES, it IS worth it!

Contact me today by replying to this email and say “I need help with my Holiday Cards!

I will help you turn this chore into a breeze!