Continued Success as a Real Estate Mom in Today’s Changing Markets

by | Sep 24, 2014 | Real Estate Moms

With the real estate market continually changing, real estate moms have a dual focus. They need to be able to flow with the changes to better their careers, but they also have to learn how to balance that with their families. One always affects the other; there is no way around that. In order to be successful in both your personal life and in your business life, a real estate mom has to be ready to juggle.
It can be done, but you need to be flexible with both the changing market and with your family. You can do this! In determining how, I’ve listed some of the aspects a real estate mom should take into consideration. When the market changes; you need to change too.
Time Management
How often do you think or say that phrase every single day of your life? Learning how to effectively manage your time as a real estate professional is possibly one of the most difficult aspects to contend with. When the market changes, you may have to increase your hours of lead generation or spend more time with buyers in order to have a steady bottom-line. This will naturally affect your family. There are ways, however, to negate this affect.
Consider how your family life runs. If you have young children that go to bed early, use that time to catch up on voicemail, return emails, research CNAs, complete paperwork, etc. If your kids are older, and require more time from you in the evenings, consider getting up an hour or two earlier to squeeze in a little extra work that won’t alter your family’s schedule.
Altering Sales Goals

If, in determining the amount of time you have to dedicate to your career
, you realize that your income is going to have to change, that may be a difficult pill to swallow. Do your best to take it in stride. After all, just the simple fact that you’re a real estate mom shows you already know how to budget your time. Use this skill to budget your finances. Streamline expenses as much as you can so your overall loss in income doesn’t equal financial disaster. Remember, the market is ever changing – so the next alteration could once again increase your bottom-line.
Business Is Booming, I Don’t Have Time!
On the flipside, when business is booming, you may feel tempted to step into the business a bit too far. After all, the market is ripe and you want to take advantage of that. Don’t forget – you are a mom, and that means your time is worth far more than a dollar amount to your children. Try to find a way to keep your business flying as well as stabilizing your home life. When you have to weigh your work with a school event, take every detail into consideration and talk to your children. Listen to them and their needs to help you make your decisions. Kids are honest to a fault, and they will let you know in no uncertain terms which functions are most important to them. Those are the ones you want to make every possible effort to be a part of.
Some Last Advice 

With the real estate market fluctuating often
, it’s vital to remain flexible and alert. Spend your time wisely, budget yourself and your energy, focus 100% on your kids when you’re with them – this way, when the market changes and you have to adapt, your family will not suffer the consequences. Remember to reassess your business often – at least every three-months to stay on top of any changes. This way, you’ll be far more prepared to manage that fine line between career and family when the time arises.
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