Cards that are “Handwritten” from an APP!

by | Sep 26, 2014 | Relationship Marketing

Cards that are “Handwritten” from an APP!Cards that are “Handwritten” from an APP!

You want to send a thank you card, but you want it to be more personal.  You want it to be “hand written” with your own handwriting.  

You also need it to send it quickly, you are busy.

And you don’t want to have to find the thank you cards (or have to go buy them), look up the address, locate the stamps, and take it to the post office…you don’t have time for all of that.


SendOutCards allows you to quickly and inexpensively send a thank you card card like that, right from your smartphone, for $1.17 per card, and YES, with your own person handwriting!

How do we do that?

When you sign up for the Personal Handwriting Font and Signatures with SendOutCards, you can add your personal handwriting as one of the font choices in your system.

You will first order the Handwriting Font and signatures here.

You will then download this Handwriting Font Form.

Print off the Handwriting Font Form and follow the instructions on the form printing an uppercase A, lowercase a, Uppercase B, lowercase b…until you have have the entire alphabet done.

Add numbers and for signature options and send the form into SendOutCards Corporate office.  

They will load it into your account and then you can type your message in your app and it will print in your own handwriting!  It is amazing and adds that personal touch to all of your cards.

If you have not already ordered and set up your Personal Handwriting Font, do it today and add that personal touch to all of your cards, business and personal!