Capture the Memories of your Kids’ Summer Sports

by | Jul 20, 2017 | Relationship Marketing

Capture the Memories of your Kids’ Summer SportsSummer.  When my kids were young it meant a seemingly endless number of days spent at the local baseball field watching T-Ball, Little League and Softball Games.
The thrill of hitting the ball, the surprised look of the batter, and the annoyed look of the first base player whose activity of drawing in the sand around the base with her finger is interrupted by a softball being thrown in her direction…  Awe, summer games at their best.
How are you capturing these memories?  How will you remember these fun games when the season is over, the kids are back in school and old man winter has set in?
Phones have made it easy to capture those pictures, but how often do you look at the plethora of photos on your phone?  Probably not very often.
Why not capture them in a greeting card where the photos can be printed and displayed by your child and all of their friends.
You can even create and send the card while sitting in the stands waiting for the end of that long inning with the SendOutCards App on your phone.
If you do not have a SendOutCards Account yet (Really?  You are missing out!) you can download from the app store on either IOS or Android and put in this code:  8600 so you can send a couple free cards on me.
Soon enough we will be putting away those baseball gloves and pulling out the footballs and sweaters.  Capture those fun summer memories at the baseball diamond today.
If you need any help with your SendOutCard account, send me an email or set up a time on my calendar and I will help you get started sending cards to your kids and their baseball buddies.