Back Up Childcare Options

by | Dec 2, 2014 | Real Estate Moms

Once you have chosen your primary childcare option, your job is not done yet. As a mother, you know that surprise is one of the key elements in parenting. It’s inevitable, we learn to deal with it, and sometimes we use it to our advantage. It’s difficult to fully depend on one form of childcare because surprises always happen. In order to back yourself up and make sure your family life and business life are running smoothly, back up childcare options are wonderful, if not necessary.
Even when you have the best childcare plan in place, it is common to have to find an alternate solution from time to time. You may find yourself in the situation where your childcare provider gets sick and cannot watch your children, or perhaps there is an unexpected death in the family. The point is, there will be times when you need a back up plan.
Because these are back up childcare options and not permanent solutions you may be able to ask neighbors and friends to help you out when you are in a pinch. It’s a good idea to line this up before the occasion arises however. Check with these people and let them know that you are looking for someone just in case. This will take some of the pressure off of them if they feel like they are not offering themselves as a permanent solution.
A great tool I have found useful is to have a section in my address book on my phone dedicated to “Back Up Babysitters,”making it easy to find when you’re in a pinch. Also, try to get a few parents that you have befriended through school, your gym or the PTA, and collaborate in putting a “Back Up Book”together of back up babysitters. This can include other moms or dads, teens in the area with a good babysitting reputation, or other daycare programs.
When you do have a back up childcare option in place, be sure that you do not take advantage of the set up too frequently. You do not want people to feel as if you are using them or taking advantage of their generosity. And make sure that you show your appreciation in the form of gift certificates, home baking or even trading them for babysitting their own kids.
Choosing some back up childcare options will take a lot of the pressure off of yourself in the event that something unplanned and unexpected comes up
The Childcare Answer Book by Linda H. Connell covers everything from background checks to creating contracts with the daycare provider. It also covers precautions such as checking the safety of the building in which the childcare is provided (fire codes, smoke alarms, insurance, liability, etc.). Checklists for comparison of facilities and other types of childcare are also included for easy use. One of the most difficult decisions a parent must make is who is going to watch his or her child while they are at work. Childcare can be a tricky decision. Additional appendices are included with valuable resources and websites to assist the reader in finding the information he or she needs.
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