How many are watching the Olympics?
What sports do you watch?
I love to watch the stories of the athletes, the dreams they have for this event, hard work they have put in and level of excellence all around.
I don’t watch much TV, but I love having the Olympics playing in the back ground this time of year. I’ve noticed that even the commercials around the Olympics are about setting goals and the hard work that goes into preparing to compete at that level, and the ultimate reward – GOLD!
All of the athletes have coaches, sometimes multiple coaches. I love the reminder around the Olympics on the importance of coaches.

I have multiple coaches I work with on different areas of my business and life.

Having a coach will help you be your best. 
A coach can help you be prepared. 
Your coach can help you stay accountable to doing what you should be doing. 
A coach helps you prepare for not only the skills you need, but more importantly, they help you to be prepared for the mental game that accompanies everything you are trying to to do.

How many of you are “lucky”?

My definition of luck is opportunity meeting preparedness.  My goal is to make you all extremely lucky!
So many athletes have been lucky! They have been prepared and that was met by opportunity. They have worked hard their entire life and even if they may not have been “favored” they have been presented an opportunity and used their preparedness, their skill to go for it! I have seen this with so many of the competitions during the Olympics this year. Things don’t always go they way they may appear to be going or the way everyone thinks they will.
I want you all the think about that for a minute. Have you ever been “lucky?” And was it really that you were prepared when presented the opportunity?
It is still anyone’s game for the contest Tiffany was talking about. Be prepared. Put yourself in the right place. You never know what might happen.
The reason behind staying focused and preparing yourself for when the opportunity comes is knowing you can achieve your goals and become victorious! Because some amazing opportunities are coming your way, help from a professional coach will help push you harder and stay motivated.

The opportunities coming your way are going to give you a sense of purpose, a why, and a drive to move forward and a dream to change the path of your career and your life.

There are a lot of business owners, independent professionals, and real estate brokers out there struggling now. They are working long hours trying to put a tough deal together. I work with some of them, and they have succeeded. My goal for each of you is to enhance your strengths and improve your weaknesses. We are together in this. We’ll be doing and using what you learn to catapult your career.
We will gather some baseline numbers and goals. We will go over those numbers and discuss how I can help you achieve your goals faster. This is why you need to hire a coach.
More than a coach, I will be your biggest friend, and I will be holding you accountable to do what you said you are going to do. I will push you to do more than you think you can do at times. I will challenge the way you look at things at times. Because you are a go-getter, a winner.

Sonya Richards-Ross, a gold medal track and field athlete said, “Failure I can live with. Not trying is what I can’t handle.”

I just have one question, who is feeling lucky?
Having a professional coach is a very effective tool to assess your preparedness and productivity. At Pro Business and Life Coach, we will help you stay focused and motivated so you can clear off the blocks and be prepared to reach your goals, and become a champion. We offer an extensive one-on-one sample coaching session to help you jumpstart your career and business.
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