thriver, business, successAre you a Victim, a Survivor, or a Thriver?
Everyone experiences periods of time when things do not go exactly as planned…just think about 2020, businesses being shut down or not operating in a way that they are used to. Or, you may have experienced hardship financially or lost something in your life or business.
Maybe your business had to get postponed due to the pandemic regulations, or you might be experiencing challenges with your home life now that people are working remotely more.
Challenges are something experienced by EVERYONE! No one is exempt from things not going according to plan. It is not what to do IF you have challenges, it is how you DEAL with those challenges that is important.

When facing a difficulty in your business or life, you have three ways of reacting:
  • You can let the difficulty overwhelm you;
  • You can move forward and survive the difficulty; or
  • You can innovate and thrive amid the difficulty.

It’s all about the perspective you have – most businesses rise and fall long before they ever get started because of the owner’s outlook.
Let’s take a closer look at each of these mindsets and see how each mindset affects the overall state of the business.

The Victim Mentality

A person who sees themself as a Victim lets negative circumstances get the better of them. These people think that life happens to them rather than for them.
When a challenge comes their way, and challenges happen to EVERYONE, the Victim starts to blame others and outside influences for not hitting their goals. This creates a negative helpless mentality that can affect everything they do.
When something doesn’t go as planned, the Victim will blame anything or anyone around them. This causes the Victim to live in reaction.
Because of this, Victims tend to plan less, get stuck in their situation and have a very pessimistic outlook on life or business. Victims rarely succeed because not only do they plan less, the also tend to have very poor reactions to unforeseen circumstances blaming others for their situation.

The Survivor Mentality

A person who sees himself as a survivor isn’t going to let the difficulty destroy him. Instead, a survivor will have thoughts such as:
I am resilient.
I’ll adapt.
I will survive this.
Survivors often focus on overcoming negative events by using their ability to adapt to the situation. “I will survive!” becomes their new moto.
Everything they think or do is about overcoming a challenge. Conquering a problem becomes their single focus.
Now that sounds like a good thing, right? It is better than living as a Victim, however, Survivors can get stuck in overcoming. They are consumed with thoughts of how to survive this situation.  They are living in the present and not planning or working on future goals.

The Thriver Mentality

A person who sees themself as a Thriver goes one step beyond surviving – they see the opportunity to thrive despite the circumstances.
The biggest difference between a Survivor and a Thriver is this – a Survivor is living in fear battling the problem, but a Thriver is focused on how this challenge is teaching them a lesson and how they can apply this new knowledge or situation to reaching future goals.
Thrivers take a look at a challenge and think: “this situation isn’t a stumbling block, it’s a stepping stone!”
Because of this, business owners with a thriver mentality continue to find success even in the midst of hardship.

Where do you fall within these three categories?

Are you a Victim who feels things are out of their control and lets the situation get the better of you?
Are you a Survivor who moves on from the difficulty but is okay at just making it through the fire?
Or are you a Thriver who sees the best in every situation and works to always succeed no matter the difficulty?
Moving from one category to another is a journey that takes time and effort, and it is almost impossible to do alone.
The first step is to recognize the problem and understand that you can’t do it by yourself.
And if you feel like you have a Victim Mentality, don’t be ashamed of it. We all went through that phase at some point in our lives.
The good news is, that you don’t have to struggle alone.
You need someone to hold your hand and walk with you in the journey of changing your mindset.
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