Are Expired Listings Really Worth Working in Today’s Real Estate Market?

by | Jun 25, 2015 | Grow to Greatness, Grow to Greatness in Real Estate

I am a real estate business coach.  I have worked with hundreds and hundreds of clients over the past 7 years, and, you know what?  Something has changed with most of my clients’ businesses over the past few years.  My guess is that if you are a real estate professional, this is also true to some extent for your business as well.
I will tell you one other thing about many of my clients; most of them are exceeding their goals and many are having their best years yet.
They are in all different types of markets.  I have clients in markets across California that have had 30 percent decline in values and record breaking foreclosure rates, and clients in areas of Tennessee where Days on Market are just now beginning to creep up there and everything in-between.
I have clients in many different areas across the United States.   I have clients in the Midwest, clients on the West Coast, and clients on the East Coast.
I work with agents that target many different price ranges and niches of clients.
I work with agents that are solo agents; I work with agents that have mega teams, agents that have been in the business less than two years and agents that have been in this business for over 30 years.
Most of my clients have been successful over the past year because they have really learned to do one thing extremely well.  Work Expired Listings.  Now three years ago, most of them where having success because they mastered working FSBO Listings, but they all really had the pulse of their markets and shifted their focus early and deliberately to Expired Listings.
On May 20, 2008 I did a TeleSeminar on working Expired Real Estate Leads.  To listen to that TeleSeminar go to
I will be sharing with you over the next few weeks what I shared with the participants of that TeleSeminar.
What I am NOT going to give you over the next several weeks is scripts and dialogs of what you need to memorize to say or what to send to potential listings.  Most of you already have a “plan” or “scripts” or ”letters” you picked up from a speaker or a book, or from your expired system or from the Top Producer Library.  If you don’t, you need something to start with.  Go to and look up the article titled Prospecting Plan for Expireds.  There is a copy of that article posted on the Tips Page at
What I AM going talk to you about over the next few weeks is how to take that plan from NAR, or one from another source, and adapt it to fit

  • Your Market Area
  • Your Style
  • Your Individual Prospects

I am sure you enjoy the stories over the next few weeks of

  • The City Agent
  • The Suburban Agent
  • The Rural Agent

Stay tuned!