April Fools’ Kid

by | Mar 20, 2015 | Real Estate Moms

Every family has to have at least one. That child who is the one you can blame for the early gray and mommy stress. If you have middle child, he or she is probably the one. Or it might be your youngest. Mine, is my middle child.
Over the past 18 years, he is the one that I would get the call from the principal saying he was in trouble at school again, this time for tap dancing on the teacher’s desk while she stepped out. He is the one that would play tricks on his little sister that caused her face to be covered with permanent marker (something to do with a penny rolling over her nose, don’t ask) right as we were trying to get out the door in the morning.
Yes, this practical joking child lives for April Fool’s Day.

Over the last few years his April Fool’s pranks have included stories about failing classes, getting kicked out of school, being in jail, and being hurt. I think I liked the purple-flamingo-on-the-back porch-tales of his younger years much better.

So, for all of you moms out there that have a child that LIVES to make your heart skip a beat, hang in there! I am still waiting for my son’s prank for this year. As I sit here and wait, I found an article with some interesting stats on April Fool’s Day. I thought I would share them with you.
May your April Fool’s Pranks be mild!
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Comic Stimulus

by Vera H-C Chan

Yesterday Mon, 31 Mar 2008 13:17:56 PDT

Tuesday is April Fools’ Day, and a slowed economy, serious politicking, and global turbulence may be driving people to seek comic stimulus. Online research into April tomfoolery is up 40% over last year.
In the past 7 days, searches have soared 302% for “practical jokes” (as opposed to impractical jokes), 344% for “april fools’ jokes,” and another 1,564% for “april fools’ pranks.”Get ready to file the workplace harassment claims: Your sacrosanct place of productivity isn’t inviolable. Worker bees are investigating “april fools’ office pranks” and “office pranks.” You won’t be able to answer a phone call without wondering if you’ll hear “prank call soundboards.”
In the spirit of public service, beware these April fools:

  1. Youth means guile. Sweet-faced, female pre-teens prone to uncontrolled giggling should be approached with extreme caution.
  2. Don’t trust them when they’re older either:Conspiratorial women 35-44 make up 1 out of 10 pranksters. However, ladies 45-54 are more likely to be into verbal wit then short-sheeting.
  3. Biggest gathering of April Fools? Depends. Folks most into “april fools day” hail from Wisconsin. However, Pennsylvanians led queries into jokes and pranks. Must be all that pre-primary stress.
  4. Media conspiracies. Slate has come out with its April Fool’s self-defense kit, although searchers have already been checking out “snopes hoaxes” to educate themselves against mass manipulation. Meanwhile, Wired panders to readers with its top 10 nerdy pranks.
  5. Did you hear the one about… If you’re going to tell a joke, avoid ones about dumb blondes, people’s mothers, and Chuck Norris. Everyone has been reading them online already—and don’t come crying when Chuck Norris’ mom comes to kick your sorry patootie for making fun of her boy.