Accountability: Everyone Needs It, Even Realtors, Even Moms!

by | Feb 26, 2015 | Grow to Greatness, Grow to Greatness in Real Estate, Real Estate Moms

Accountability is a critical element in the goal setting and goal achieving process. Many people brush it off under the belief that it doesn’t really make that much of a difference. This belief is not only incorrect, but the lack of accountability is completely detrimental to the overall success of achieving a goal.
Accountability is serious! In the Real Estate world, where there are clients, prospects, brokers, and agents, more and more information is necessary to keep things running smoothly. This increased amount of information is a form of accountability, as is communication, and while every real estate company will have different levels of accountability, I guarantee you that none exist without it.
In our families and personal lives, accountability is just as essential as in the real estate world. What we want, how we go about getting it, and the overall success can be related back to – yep, you got it, accountability. Think about how successful your kids would be in completing their chores if there were no accountability.
I remember speaking with a friend shortly after agreeing to run a half-marathon. This friend of mine is an avid runner, so she was immediately interested in the event and, wonders of wonders, even wanted to do it with me. If, by any stretch of the imagination, I wasn’t fully committed before this moment, agreeing to run this marathon with my friend Jennifer sealed the deal.
With Jennifer holding me accountable, I had no choice but to follow through – after all, I couldn’t rely on anyone “forgetting” about my commitment now! My friend didn’t live near me, which meant we couldn’t physically train together, but every time we spoke – she asked about MY training. Between you and me, I hadn’t even started to train at this point, but I certainly didn’t want to fess up to that! So, I’d lie through my teeth and say, “Great!” every time she asked.
Well, let’s be honest here – I could lie all I wanted to, but the proof would be right there in front of my friend’s eyes on the day of the marathon. By her continually bringing it up and reminding me, I was forced to keep it in mind. This propelled me to (eventually) get moving so I’d be able to answer her honestly!
As I said before, accountability is one of the essential elements in your succeeding at any goal you set. So, who are you accountable to?
You hold people accountable all the time, your buyers, your sellers, your kids, your husband. But who holds you accountable to doing what you need to do every day to be successful in business (following upon leads, creating the marketing plan) and in life (taking “ME” time, balancing time off?) Maybe it is time you found someone to help hold you accountable.
Maybe it is time to enlist an accountability partner or hire a coach. Maybe it is time to really do what it takes to get to the next level.