A Better Way to Track Business Deductions

by | Mar 15, 2018 | Grow to Greatness, Real Estate Moms

It’s the Tax Season again and you only have until April 17 to file your tax returns.

This is the time of the year when you launch another crusade. A search to find that last piece or pieces of receipts to make the most out of your deductions. You won’t stop and ready to go through a nightmarish experience just to be accurate.

To tell you the truth, doing taxes shouldn’t be that taxing. You don’t need to spend weeks and weeks out of business because of taxes. That’s going to lose you more money. s.

In recent studies commissioned by the IRS, they found out that majority of people filing their returns do it at the end of the tax season with the help of softwares on their home computers.

We actually found a better solution using a mobile app. I’m talking about Taxbot. Not only does it gives us an option to track our expenses but it also offers a simpler way to tabulate our mileage using our phone’s GPS.


It’s a one-touch tax relief on autopilot. We can complete our accounting in as little as 12 minutes each month with almost no work on our part.

Is that even possible? You might ask.

TaxBot is one of the few apps that has credit card integration. It logs all transactions done with your business credit card. You can also attach a photo of your receipts for compliance.

Try Taxbot and Turbo-charge your tax savings today.

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