7 Ways To Generate Leads For Your Real Estate Business

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Do you find digital marketing strategy a challenge because you’re finding it difficult to generate leads for your business?
Instead of the old face-to-face house tour approaches, which are time-consuming and could take a lot of calls before you can generate quality leads, you can take full advantage of today’s advanced technology.
You can revamp your website, post blogs about your listings, and market your real estate business on social media. The truth is, there are many ways to generate leads, especially in this modern technology era!
It is important to have fresh ideas!
Ideas that will help you leave the right impressions on your leads.
To help you generate more qualified sales and just to keep the momentum going, here are a few simple yet effective lead generation ideas for real estate businesses.

1. Go Live and Create Positive Feedback

There is nothing more exciting than watching live video streaming on social media. It gives a ‘feel’ for the property early on for all audiences. In this way, you also have the chance to present yourself as a ‘cool real estate agent.’
This powerful strategy of going on live video on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram is absolutely an easy and direct connection to all your audience. Going ‘live’ keeps you engaged with your followers leaving them an avenue to comment, ask questions, and share their testimonies. Hitting the buttons Like and Share is also an automatic referral to a broader audience or network.

2. Create A Quality Lead At The Tips Of Your Audiences’ Fingers

Once you think of something, automatically, you use your fingers and your smartphones to check on it, especially when maximizing social media platforms. 
Using internet marketing to create a different approach for your business is a giant leap towards optimum sales for real estate agents and brokers. Designing a website, writing an eBook, Mobile Apps, and creating digital business pages are sure steps to increase traffic, brand awareness, and online presence.

3. Apply New Technology for Expired Listings

Re-conceptualizing properties that are left with nothing but frustrations and bad taste in homeowner’s mouths could be another opportunity.
One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!
Incorporate new technology for better strategies on expired listings can drive trust and confidence. You can present a freshly renovated or repainted home on your social media profiles. Coming up with a remodel property from an old one will surely get more people’s attention out of your expired listings.

4. Personalized Marketing Approach

It is more than creating a tailored fit strategy for each client and personalizing excellent customer service for every client. It’s not too much to make your client feel they are very much appreciated. Clients with a personalized experience of your real estate expertise level will be satisfied and leave you positive reviews.

5. Be the Expert of Your Industry

With your acquired real estate knowledge and flaming passion for the business, sharing your expertise in a blog, podcast or videos will produce leads. It can also start a collaboration with other real estate agents and brokers. That means you are opening a wider real estate business network. In this case, you are building your business portfolio,  amplifying lead generation, and inspiring you to reach your goals.

6. Be Newsworthy To Establish Local Presence

You can attract attention if you establish a local presence with a positive reputation, whether podcasts, radio shows, live streaming, or putting up advice as to the go-to real estate agent. You can also sponsor local events or help potential home buyers to find their ideal piece of paradise. These are some newsworthy stories and activities that will not go unnoticed by your audience and reporters. It’s an absolute way of successful lead generation.

7. Create New Network From Non-Real Estate Events

Are you thinking out of the box?
Penetrating the market that is not your field is a good opportunity to introduce what people don’t know about the real estate industry. You can host a community charity or hold a symposium about sharing your real estate knowledge. Since you will pioneer real estate ideas to a different audience, you will get more leads than you can expect. 
No need to compete because you are the sure champ by default. How about that!

Real Estate Lead Generation Marketing Plan

To attract clients and generate leads, you must have an effective lead generation method and marketing plan in place. It is essential to recognize what specific changes to your current plans are necessary to reach your goals.

  • Describe Your Current Lead Generation System

This part will determine the success of your business. Your current lead generation system should be presented in the most comprehensive way to achieve the highest quality leads. For new small business owners, dare to say, “I create content for lead generation” might cause more confusion. Instead, it’s better to say, ‘I help businesses attract people by finding unique and efficient ways of presenting services and products.’  

  • Describe Your Current Marketing Plan

Understanding your marketing plan from the past and current year will give you a more specific and detailed status of your marketing channels. Individually and as a whole, you will see which ones are making contributions and are effective and which ones are don’t. 
Performance indicators and data metrics don’t lie. They are your basis for comparison to draw the effectiveness of your overall marketing strategy.

  • Complete the Marketing Plan Chart

The marketing plan chart will help you get a clearer picture and understand the what, why, and how of all your marketing activities. Using checkmarks or code systems, representation allows you to instantly identify the target market, audience, and value you promise to deliver. You will have to initiate updates and relevant campaigns, as well as completing your goals.

  • Keep Informed While Reaching Your Goal

Revisiting and updating your marketing strategy regularly will lead you to a more effective lead generation formula. You need to be specific with the changes you are going to make to reach your goals. You can revamp your overall business strategy by creating better ones that incorporate new technologies and platforms. 

‘Don’t push people to where you want to be; meet them where they are’ – Meghan Anderson.
How We Can Help You Generate Leads For Your Business

Hopefully, this article has helped you build lead generation ideas. Keep in mind these are only the tip of the surface.
At Pro Business and Life Coach, we help busy real estate agents and independent professionals attract and convert leads into prospects using our proven business marketing techniques.
We invite you to schedule a complimentary business coaching session with us so that we can help you set your goals, plan a course of action, and reach those goals faster.