6 Time Management Tips for Moms

by | Apr 6, 2014 | Real Estate Moms

by Kara Kelso & Anita DeFrank

Many of you have expressed the challenge of not having enough time to accomplish all your needed tasks and not being organized. Having good organization and management skills is absolutely imperative to your business. Being well organized can greatly affect your successfulness. Applying a few of the following tips will help you become more organized and make better use of your time.

1. Learn to delegate
Most of us are mothers and as moms we tend to automatically take on everything and are used to doing everything ourselves. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with delegating different tasks.

2. Set business hours
One way to keep yourself and your business organized is to set regular business hours. You know Monday through Friday 1 – 4 or whatever times works best for you and your family and try to stick to it as much as possible.

3. Keep your office organized
Have a place for everything keeping like things together.

4. Group like activities/errands
Keep track of errands that need done and try scheduling most of them on the same day.

5. To-do lists 
Having a to-do list keeps you motivated and lets you know what needs done at all times.

6. Plan for tomorrow
Make it a habit to review the following days schedule at the end of each day.

Take a few minutes right now and start a list of everything you need to get done. Take that list and re-write it by placing the things that most need accomplished and place them at the top of your list. Once you’re finished get back to work and cross off tasks as you go. Not only will you find yourself getting more accomplished you’ll also find a sense of fulfillment.

About the Authors: Kara Kelso & Anita DeFrank are two busy wahms, and the owners of Direct Sales Helpers. Learn how you can be successful in your company by visiting:http://www.DirectSalesHelpers.com


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