2020 Can be the Year You Hit All of Your Goals

by | Dec 27, 2019 | Business Planning, Featured, Goals, Grow to Greatness, Grow to Greatness in Real Estate, Real Estate, Time Management

2020, coach cheri alguire, goals, goal settingHappy New Year! 2020 is upon us. How was your 2019?
Were you able to reach your goals this year?
If yes, then congratulations!
If not, then don’t fret.
Take the time to identify things that you may have missed in achieving your 2019 goals.
Remember: Goal setting and goal achievement are two different things, and in the process of materializing your goals, you may fall short and similarly make mistakes along the way.

The important thing is that you learn from those mistakes and make less of them in 2020.

In Chapter 12 of my book “Agent Revamp, How to Break Out of Your Real Estate Slump and Explode Your Income!”, we discussed the difference between Goal Setting and Goal Achievement, most importantly the three aspects of the latter:

  1. Your Outer game, which is your skill set that can be reinforced by a technique Tony Robbins calls CANI or constant and never-ending improvement;


  1. Your Action, which is how you conduct your business and the application of all the knowledge you gained inside or outside the profession; and


  1. Your Inner game, which describes how your mind tells the story about your Real Estate Career and how you can actualize this into BEING YOUR LIFE STORY.

Don’t let your mistakes in 2019 be the end. Jumpstart your goal achievement in 2020 by taking advantage of hiring a coach!
Real Estate, Business and Life Coach Cheri Alguire has partnered with hundreds of Real Estate Professionals and Small Business Owners to help them become more successful in business and in life.
Coach Cheri specializes in Coaching for Small Business Owners, Working Mothers, and Real Estate Professionals to not only hit their business goals, but to plan for and achieve LIFE goals far above anything they could have previously imagined. Learn more at http://www.coachcheri.com/