13 Things NOT to do after running 13.1 Miles

by | Apr 2, 2014 | Real Estate Moms

  1. Stay at a hotel where the spa you need to sit in after the run is 47 steps up the side of a steep hill.2. Plan to go to the post-marathon concert where you half to walk 2 miles from the place you park, and then stand all night 6 hours after you just ran farther than you ever dreamed, of or did before in your entire life.3. Make the 5 hour drive home on a holiday weekend in Southern California where everyone else is coming home from a holiday weekend making it 7 hours sitting in a car and stiffening up.

    4. Worry about what people think when you wait for the handicapped bathroom stall.

    5. Plan on giving a speech where you have to walk up steps to a platform two days after the half-marathon.

    6. Run to the phone when it rings; you have missed it every time this week anyway.

    7. Try to explain to your teenage daughter why it is easier to crawl up the stairs to your bedroom.

    8. Let people you are trying to recruit for the team next year see you walk.

    9. Finish reading the book “Marathon for Dummies” and see the things you wish you would have read before the run.

    10. Put those boots with the three inch spike heels on.

    11. Try to stand in those boots with the three inch spike heels.

    12. Tell your charity team organizer you were “planning” on sending that fund raising letter out after the run.

    13. Tell others about the 7 month pregnant woman on the team who also went the same distance…without spending the next two days whining.

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