Coaching Options

Plan A

One-on-One Coaching

One-on-one coaching is for the person who wants help to create a breakthrough in their business or life. This option is for the person who wants personalized support and accountability to help them reach the next level of success. One-on-One Coaching consists of one to four telephone sessions per month for up to 30-60 minutes per call. This is a custom tailored program used to partner with individuals who are serious about wanting to take their business and life to the next level. Clients call the coach at prearranged times and work through individualized action plans on any or all of these items:

  • Goal Setting
  • Business Planning
  • Lead Generation Plans
  • Time Management
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Developing a Team

Convenient Options:

Level 1: One 45-minute session per month
Level 2: Two 45-minute sessions per month
Level 3: Three 30-minute sessions per month
Level 4: Four 30-minute sessions per month

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Plan B

Group Coaching

Real Estate Group Coaching

Group coaching is similar to one-on-one coaching done in a group of 4-8 Professionals who all want the benefits of coaching in a more affordable option. This format is also preferred by many who like to MasterMInd with others.

Groups are formed based on similarity of professions with others who share similar goals, struggles and areas they are looking for coaching around.

All participants and the coach dial into a common bridge line at the time of the session.

Although the content of the class is somewhat directed by the group and their needs, some topics that can be covered in group coaching include business planning, time management, lead generation, and building a team are addressed with each week’s coaching session centered around a specific topic of interest to the group.

Group coaching consists of two sixty-minute group telephone sessions a month.

All groups meet for a ninety day period or 6 sessions.


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Plan C

Team Coaching

Too busy to properly train and coach your staff?

Let me help you coach and train your assistants, buyer’s agents or team members to do what they should be doing so your entire team is making more more money and having more success, all while maintaining the balance you’ve been striving for.


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Plan D

Self Directed Coaching

For those self-starters who would like to eCoach on their own time comes this convenient alternative. Our Business Planning Series helps you put together your long range plan in an easy and succinct manner. These guides “coach” you through the entire process.

Real Estate Business Planning Guide

Cheri Alguire’s Business Planning Guides provide a step-by-step self paced course for designing the life you’ve always dreamed of.

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